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2 min readJan 10, 2021

There are no friends on the journey to stardom’’

  1. Keeping Friends, creating relationship, joining associates, and choosing a career path or employer, and partnership are a duty to choose with extraordinary care…

2. There are most times limited slots for friends and close allies, if the need for a count is possible maybe 1 to 7!

3. The ones who occupy the slots of friendship is a duty we have to be responsible for choosing.

4. Friendship is a proposal of reciprocated equity, and both parties should be clear of this, some choose their friends while others allow friends to choose them, either way, acceptance or rejection and reviews keep everyone in check.

5. It is a duty to question the substance of the sustained relevance of a friendship train; But it is risky to misinterpret a friend's good intentions while doing this since not all actions are perfect, not all friends circumstances are permanent

6. In the spirit of friendship; A bad boss can leave a permanent dent in a weak mind, a corrupt peer can mislead, a crook can cheat in every collaborated deal

7. The duty of friendship calls for periodic analysis of review to checkmate the balancing of influence, development and material benefits of gains and loose

8. The tree of friendship may need a regular shake off so that the rotten ones will fall off

9. Always be careful of those who see friendship as an opportunity, Be true to those who see friendship as a responsibility and a shared mutual interest, in love and sacrifice.

10. Paradoxically:- “You never meet someone on the first date. You meet their representative.”…. “An enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. An eye for an eye will leave us all blind”

Shaking the Trees of Friendship



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